13 Days – and counting

The well awaited 2010 has arrived in the City and it’s buzzing with exciting tents to finishing Olympic sites and now it is time to relax and enjoy ?
How can you enjoy and relax when you have no idea where to start? Accent Cruises will put on our blog on a weekly basis: where to be in Vancouver… we will list the most interesting venues and what they are offering. As you might know every country participating in the Olympics has there own venue where we can learn about there cultures.

Accent Cruises is offering Volunteers and and Guests of the 2010 Olmpics ; to come on a scenic tour of Vancouver’s harbour (with a Special Olympic rate) and to enjoy the sea scape and skyline from the water…
There are many ways to get to Accentcruises.ca on Granville Island: you can take the the New Olmpic line free to Granville Island or you can choose ferry services that run to Granville island. There is pay parking at the Aquatic Centre under the the Burrard Bridge at Beach Ave which is $2.00 a hour check out our web site to see sailing times book online tor call the office for a group rate of $40.00 per person for a dinner and cruise.604 6888-6625

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